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Why CLI or the Command Line Interface is a Techs friend?

Warning! Any computer manipulate in is done at your risk!

So most of us use a GUI (Graphical User Interface) now but a true geek like me loves the CLI or Command Line Interface. Most people will never use it, but if you want to learn computers inside and out you need to know it.  So be it Microsoft, MAC OS, or Linux/Unix the command line is used. So let’s have some fun.

For this example I am using Windows and will be needed in the future as I post little things.

Below is basic steps to get to your CLI in Windows.

Windows NT, 2000, and XP
1.    Click Start.
2.    Click Run.
3.    Type cmd or command and press Enter.

Windows Vista and 7
1.    Click Start.
2.    Type cmd and press Enter.

Windows 8 and Windows 10
1.    Click Start.
2.    Type cmd and press Enter.
So now you have a windows that kind of looks like this.


So know what? Well by typing in help and pressing enter (Type: HELP and press enter) you should get a long list of commands you can use.  For playing around I would just use things like DIR or ECHO but trust me we will get into much more complexity such as pipping or adding/editing a file with a command dump.

So after the help list you can Type: CLS and press enter to clear the screen.
So let’s have some fun now so using the ECHO command lets output something to the screen
Type: echo Hello CLI! (Then Press Enter)
You should get the below.

Echo Hello CLI!

Now this is just a beginning step but one that will be used in the future so when I discuss networking basic I my ask you to run IPCONFIG in CLI so you can see things such as IP Address and MAC Address. So as stated above use at your own risk, but have fun and look at the great book in the cloud known as for more info.

My Suggestion: Have a backup before you attempt anything on your PC.


-Daryl Jiles