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Lions, Tigers, and Databases oh my!

Database: a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways.

OK first off I am not a database administrator so look at this as my opinion.  The only hands on experience I have with a true DBMS (database management system) was back in 2007 when I was playing with PHP and stored items in MySQL. So this week in my Java class we are going over multi-dimensional arrays.  Well that is basically a database, now don’t take me wrong a DBMS such as Microsoft SQL Server is much more but the idea is the same. So if you have ever made an Excel Spread Sheet that is a rudimentary database from my understanding. Now as stated before I am not an expert on the matter so if I am wrong please let me know at

Now the reason I even bring this up is thinking about the code I have to finish up for class this week, I figured why not explain that the idea of database isn’t scary. Now with that said don’t go and make changes to your registry and be like “its no big deal”. You can really mess up a database if not careful, and without a backup you could render your Microsoft Operating System un-bootable. And let’s face it if you can’t boot, and want to get your Candy Crush on you will not be a happy camper. So what I would say to do for fun, is look to SQLite and see if it interest you. Now as I said once before, you must jump in if you want to learn how this stuff works. So download it and have some fun. If you have any ideas of things you want to know about let me know at, or you will keep getting this silliness because my brain thinks of it on my way to target, along with The Wizard of Oz, Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon sync.

-Daryl Jiles