Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Probably the number one thing asked in IT and the one you dread the most. Well this actually works 90% of the time, and here I will explain how.

See your computer is always storing information in what is called RAM. So as things go on more and more information is stored. Well as you run an application it will store files in RAM and sometimes…. Well too many to count times it isn’t cleared out correctly. To give an example I can almost bet that you have 100 or more registry keys that are pointing to nothing in your MS PC as we speak.  Well what happens is you may have something pointing to something that is no longer in RAM or points to bad data, which will cause an error. But usually we do not even see it. So what restarting does is clears out the RAM and kind of starts over. For many this is just common knowledge, but to others they want to hit the person on the phone with an iron when they ask it. So even I get angry when I call a tech support and that is the first thing they ask, but my question is how many times they could get off the phone in 30 seconds if this works. So please remember when you call that IT person that this is an actual troubleshooting step that works. Now that said still call, it may not be this easy and never restart if you suspect something bad is in places as it could cause a big issue.

-Daryl Jiles