Time For Your Flu Shot!

So you are told to just go get an Anti-Virus Scan. But you still end up with a Virus. Inconceivable! Well part is you must know how Malware works. See a Virus is Malware but Malware isn’t always a Virus.  I know this sounds funny but look at it as if Malware is an umbrella and Viruses lives under it. So just get a Malware scanner and I am done right? Not so fast Sherlock. Knowing how these differ is needed at this point. Let’s break it down like this, most Malware detection be it Malware Scans, Adware Scan, Spyware Scan, Virus Scans etc. have what is called a definition file. Now I can go into details but that would involve lots of research which for this blog post is not necessary.  So an updated definition file has what is new for the scan. So that is why not having your definition file up-to-date is like not having a scan at all. So now let’s get into how and Anti-Virus definition and a Malware definition are different. So the best way for me to look at it is Anti-Virus Scanners are old school and Malware Scanners are new school. So let’s say you like a band like AC/DC well Anti-Virus Scan would be like “Dude AC/DC is my Jam!” and a Malware Scan would be like “What is this AC/DC you speak of?”  On the other Hand (Showing my age) Let’s say you asked a Malware Scanner about Adele it could say “Dude Adele is my Jam!” but an Anti-Virus might be like “What is this Adele you speak of?”. See how that works? Now to add to the confusion fast forward a year and ask the same question and you might get something like this. Anti-Virus Scan would be like “Dude Adele is my Jam!” and a Malware Scan would be like “What is this Adele you speak of?”  So that said Malware Scan definitions are up-to-date but don’t keep old data. Anti-Virus Scan definitions are not up-to-date with new issues but keep old data. So the best bet is to use both. And luckily an Anti-virus and a Malware Scan can run side by side.  (I need to add this involves a setup that might be hard for some people)  Now does this stop issues no, I typically run about 4 different scans on a PC I think has a Virus. Also I tend to pay attention to PUPs (Potential Unwanted Programs) and PUMs (Potential Unwanted Modifications) that some people don’t. So with that said run both and get help if you need it to set it up, also if you suspect a Virus, get it checked out ASAP. Even with the years I have been working with PCs Viruses can still get past me.


DisclaimerVirus removal is not a 100% guarantee and the best solution is a wipe and load of a system to remove them.


-Daryl Jiles