Why the Internet!

So in today’s age most people are on the internet I some form, even if it is via a smartphone.  So why should we be on the internet you ask. Well I will start by saying ease of use and security are on opposite ends of a balancing bar. Look at it as a see-saw, so security is on one end and ease is on the other. So obviously the most secure would be to not be on the internet, but that would not be easy. So without this being a security talk (Trust me we will at some point) let’s just look at the good about the internet. So typically if you use the internet even at the basic level it is just for e-mail. Well this in itself is a big advantage over basic mail delivery or snail mail as they call it in the IT world. So let’s say I want to tell a friend in California about a great thing in my life but the phone is not an option.  The typical snail mail could take 2-7 days, but e-mail could only take a matter of seconds, plus no postage. Also lets say I wanted to add pictures, that would add to the cost in snail mail, where in can add them as an attachment or a URL (Uniform Resource Identifier) and they have the pictures no extra cost. So know lets say you want to chat with them, well you have text chat options on the internet, but also you can use an application such as Skype. These applications allow you to actually be able to talk with the human voice like a phone with another person at very low cost. Obviously there are many reason to use the internet, but if secured there are very few reasons not to.  Now most people readying his won’t need to, but share it with friends and family. As the older age group can’t get around as well the internet can keep them connected to the world.  Just remember as I saw on an internet MEME. “I am OK teaching my Mom to use a computer. After all she taught me to use a spoon.”


-Daryl Jiles